Week 1 – Reflection

Instructions: In your reflective blog, write a post (250 words approximately) on the creative writing work you have undertaken this week. If you need a place to start, think about why we tell stories:
  • Do you use storytelling as a tool for communicating complex ideas, like the way Pixar use the inventive and imaginative storytelling to communicate issues such as mental health?
  • Or is it simply for entertainment value? If it is the case, go deeper – why do you wish to entertain? What do you wish to derive from your reader or viewer and why?

Ok, here we go then.

Writing the premise was really interesting this week as it really focuses you in on the heart of the story you are telling. I love words and I tend to ramble my point across a bit, but with this, there was no way you could! It was more akin to tweeting than writing, which is very interesting!

To answer the questions above I think I need to refer to: ‘Into The Woods’ by John Yorke – Chapter 22. This discussion on why we tell stories is essential, because if we don’t know why we’re doing it, what is the point? We’re just throwing words at a page and hoping they turn into something fun. But now, newly armed with different purposes for story telling I think my conclusion must be that the purpose changes every time. Sometimes you might be writing to entertain, to provide light relief or political satire (sometimes the same thing) or maybe to inform others about the plight of those who suffer from anxiety, through a narrative. I think the point changes every time and the purpose must shift with the material.

Ultimately, even when the protagonist is a creature completely devoid of humanity, it comes down to us: people, life, and death. Our stories echoed in the inventions of writers: that is the point of telling a story, I think.

That is why I write, to reach someone and to maybe make a life better; even if only for 45 minutes.


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