Week 2: Reflection

So here is my once a week reflection on the week before.

This week has been weird. I’m caught up Producing and Directing a play at the moment so I’ve fallen behind by a fair bit, but I have managed to complete week 2 (with the posting of this entry).

I am not happy with my outline (below) as I feel it is unoriginal and played out as an idea. I wanted to do intelligent subtle sci-fi, but somehow seem to have strayed into some weird ‘Shaun of the Dead’ meets ‘Terminator’ amalgamation. It certainly does not work for a short film, unless a lot of it becomes background?

I think the overview itself hits the right area in terms of structure, but the idea just does not work in my mind now.

I also am having a little bit of an issue with the Three Act Structure. I am now seeing it everywhere and getting bored of the format, the cage or skeleton. I’m going to ponder on this for a while, no doubt it will come up again!

We now hit production week for ‘Institute’, so I have no idea if I’m going to get anything done this week, but I will try 🙂



AMY COOPER is the barmaid at the Buffalo, the local village pub in the sleepy village of Lower Zeals, North Dorset. She has lived in the village all her life and longs to escape, but the gentle nature of country living is a constant hurdle that she has never quite been able to overcome. The pub has fallen on hard times with only a few locals frequenting it. The owner, an investor living abroad, is constantly threatening to sell to a chain: something no one wants.

When JOHN THORNTON arrives one windy night, the locals are not best pleased. Young, handsome and ‘not from around these parts’, they are less than accommodating to the man who seems wise beyond his years as he asks awkward questions about local history and flirts with their barmaid. It doesn’t help that he drinks larger, not ale.

He stays the night in the pub with Amy’s permission and the following morning he begins his mission.

The pub is fabled to be the final resting place of a jewel known as ‘The Buffalo’. The jewel is hidden in the cellar floor and if found, will start a series of events that will bring about total war in 200 years’ time. Is history is allowed to continue, Amy will find it tomorrow. She will save the pub, leave the village and go on to live a very happy life.

He must stop this happening without her knowing. He starts looking for the jewel himself, only to be discovered by Amy and set the series of events into motion by mistake. Now John must convince her to give all that up for the sake of a future she will never know.


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