Week 3 – Further research and the decline of Quality British TV.

Why we screenwriters want to work for Netflix more than the BBC The acclaimed writer behind Foyle’s War on why we’re in a new age of television – and Britain is struggling to keep up Anthony Horowitz https://www.spectator.co.uk/2016/12/why-we-screenwriters-want-to-work-for-netflix-more-than-the-bbc/ The following is a series of extracts from an article questioning our own TV production in the … Continue reading Week 3 – Further research and the decline of Quality British TV.


Week 2 – Reflection

It's been an interesting week full of research. I love looking into things further anyway, but to do it in such a way is really invigorating. I think I know how to create this project better, as well as having a far better idea of my own career direction. Netflix seem to have a lovely … Continue reading Week 2 – Reflection

Week 2 – Netflix

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/06/21/netflix-launching-choose-adventure-interactive-tv-shows/ As my preferred area of research for this module, this is a fascinating revelation! The fusion of game and TV show here is really interesting, especially given the 20 min difference in runtime depending on the choices you make. Once again, we are starting to blur the lines between audience and entertainment in a very exciting way. … Continue reading Week 2 – Netflix